An Overdue Update

Wow, so I haven’t updated this blog in nearly a month, which is quite shameful. However, I have a good excuse as it is my son’s school summer holidays so I have been busy occupying him and my 7 month old daughter.

I did manage to squeeze a session in with little Emily, and her photos have been uploaded and her parent’s have made their order.

On this basis, I am looking into implementing an easier way to order, and pay, for images. Plus the capability to instantly download digital files (I know how much you love to share photos on Facebook!). So I will hopefully get this sorted soon.

I am going on holiday soon, so will need to finish the remainder of the July Model Calls in September I think. I do appreciate everyone’s patience. Hopefully everyone can empathise with the grief of losing a parent plus the sorting of their affairs, when you are a parent yourself. It isn’t an easy task.


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