Carly Seaman Photography Ipswich Completed Newborn Workshop

Hey all 🙂

I completed my eagerly awaited training session with Claire Elliot of Forever Memories Photography on the 29th April. It was a full day with 4 newborns, and myself and the other trainees were kept busy the whole time.

The workshop was held at lovely Liz’s studio in Frating, Essex. It was great to be hosted by such a lovely fellow photographer.

We were blessed with three little girls and one little boy, which was a great mix and really gave me a fantastic opportunity to get a variety of shots of four very different babies.

I practised posing, wrapping, lighting and most importantly, I was taught about the importance of safety and handling. Your newborn baby is the most precious little being in your whole world, and I want you to put your trust in me as a trained Newborn photographer.


Newborn baby Ipswich Suffolk Photographer

Minnie wearing a gorgeous little vintage bonnet

Our first little lady was Minnie. Some photos of her are above. She was a gorgeous little girl, with a little flaky/dry skin. Editing took care of this and the bit of redness she had. How cute does she look wearing the vintage bonnet?


Gloria, our dark haired beauty, had amazing skin and needed minimal editing. Look at her having a restful slumber on the beanbag!


I practised posing Gloria into this sideways pose. How perfect does she look?

Newborn baby Ipswich Photographer

Gloria wearing a halo and wrap

I captured this cheeky little smile from Gloria! I was so chuffed!

Next up was little Louis, a real lad 🙂 He was quite red and hot, so he needed a bit more editing.


Louis wearing a little teddy hat

I learned the importance of safely posing a baby into props. As you can see, little Louis is carefully placed into the basket above.

Our last baby was Amber. Such a gorgeous little girl with a perfect pout. I managed to get a cute smile from Amber, and her parents brought along a lovely blanket which we used in the bowl prop below. It is so important to know how to pose a baby correctly into a prop so that they are safe at all times.

Newborn baby posed in bucket


Newborn baby smiling

When I saw that I had caught this smile, I SMILED. Such a gorgeous little grin! One second it was there, the next it was gone! So I was pleased I was quick enough 😉

Newborn baby with dolly

Amber with her dolly

Amber was in a very deep sleep after having the rest of her milk, very cosy in her pink wrap, so next she was placed into a crate with wool layers to snuggle with her dolly.

I came away with my mind absolutely buzzing, and full of ideas. I will be on the look out for some Newborn Models soon to add to my portfolio, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more information.

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