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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Session

Where will my photo session take place?

Your Photo Session will take place either at a pre-arranged location or at my home studio in Ipswich, IP1 4HH.

When should I book my baby in?

I always recommend booking your Newborn photo session as soon after your 20 week dating scan as possible. That way we have an approximate date when baby will arrive so I can ensure I have space to fit you into my diary. Baby rarely comes on their due date so we will confirm a date for your session once baby arrives.

How many days old will my baby be when the shoot takes place?

My guide is when baby is between 5-14 days old, but I am happy to photograph older newborns too. The reason for the 5-14 day guide is baby is still very happy to curl up in the womb-like poses we love,. They aren’t so alert yet and are usually happier to drift off into a lovely deep sleep. We want a deep sleep to allow us to reposition baby into different poses without them waking between shots.

Older newborns tend to be more alert so we may get more awake shots, which are also very cute.

What is a Session Fee and what is included?

You will notice that most professional photographers charge a Session Fee for their time. This is a fee which covers the shoot itself and all that is involved in preparation, the time and expertise of the photographer, the use of my luxury props and outfits, professional editing of your images plus your Reveal and Order Appointment when you come back to the Studio to view your photos.

You do not get any products included in the Session Fee. You choose and pay for these after your shoot at your viewing appointment.

During your Session

What happens if my baby has acne or jaundice?

It’s best to wait for acne or jaundice to settle down. This normally passes after 14 days but every baby is different so we will discuss this if it happens. Don’t worry, we will still be able to take the photos.

What should I dress baby in and bring with me?

Bring baby in a simple sleep suit, along with blankets for layering if it is cold weather. You are welcome to bring a special teddy or prop to use in the photos if you want, but please discuss this with me first so I can plan the session with this in mind.

The Studio is kept really warm for Newborn sessions so you will probably want to wear layers yourself, so you can take some off if you get too hot.

Please also remember milk, nappies and snacks for yourself. I have a changing table and I provide a range of hot and cold drinks for you. If you are happy to bring a dummy, even if you don’t plan to use one, this can sometimes help soothe baby for the session. Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with establishing breastfeeding.

I have a guide for what to wear for Portrait Sessions here.

How long will the session take?

Newborn sessions vary in duration as it all depends on your baby. Some settle quicker than others. I book only one Newborn session a day to allow plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed.

2-4 hours usually gives us enough time for breaks for feeding, cuddling and changing. Babies often feed a little more during their shoot, and don’t worry if they have an accident on my props. It happens!

Other portrait sessions tend to last around an hour, and Cake Smash shoots last around 90 minutes.

Can you photograph baby with siblings or parents?

Yes of course! I encourage mums in particular to appear in some shots, even if they don’t feel like it. They normally end up one of the most treasured photos. Black tops tend to be most flattering for these shots, but please wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Siblings are welcome either in the first or last part of the session. They won’t want to stay for the whole time as they get bored, so please arrange for another adult to take them away from the Studio for the rest of the session.

I am happy to photograph well behaved pets too, but the same applies in that they cannot stay for the entire session.

After your Session

When will my images be ready?

My turnaround is usually 2 weeks after your shoot. This may be longer during busy holiday periods.

How do I view my images?

I will contact you once your images are ready to book in your Reveal & Order Appointment.

We will arrange for you to come back to the Studio and view your beautiful images on a large screen, set to music. This gives you a chance to appreciate all the tiny details of your images and helps make your selection easier.

It is at this appointment that you choose the images you want to order and pay for them. I will only order your images once they are fully paid for. For large orders, I am happy to discuss a payment plan. I accept cash and card payment, as well as BACS if this has cleared into my account before your viewing appointment.

It is important that all family involved in the decision making process are present as I am unable to schedule more than one Viewing Appointment. Due to space restrictions, if you have a large family of decision makers I can schedule a Skype call.

When can I collect my images and products?

This varies according to the products ordered and my supplier’s timescales. I will advise you of approximate timescales during your viewing appointment.

What is a digital file?

A Digital image is essentially a negative but in digital format. This means it can be reproduced over and over again.

Unlike individually purchased prints you can choose to print as many copies of your image as you want from your digital file. You can also choose whether to print it as Wall Art or to use the images in greeting cards. This is why digital files are worth more than prints.

As you will be printing yourself it is your responsibility to use a good quality lab and not a cheap high street printer. I cannot be held responsible for poor quality results or problems when you do not use my suppliers.

What happens to my images after my shoot?

Once your shoot is finished I will go through the images deleting any which do not meet my standards. After this initial cull, I then begin to hand edit your files one by one. This can take several hours/days, depending on the shoot and complexity.

I will then use the final images to prepare your slideshow that you view at your Reveal & Order Appointment. This Appointment lasts approximately an hour, but it depends on how easy it is to decide how many images you want!

After you have chosen the images you want to order, I will back up these images again and save them to my secure drive for around a year.

Due to the large amount of files I have from each session, I cannot promise to keep files any longer than this. I always advise you to back up your digital images onto several different sources.

I never release unedited RAW files.