The Online Proof Gallery Is Going to Be Off

A lot of Clients enjoy the flexibility of an online proof gallery. You can view your photos at your leisure and take your time ordering.

However, from feedback I have received, Clients are finding it difficult to decide when they have so many gorgeous photos to choose from. It is also difficult to judge the quality of your images when viewing on a smart phone or tablet. Especially as I must watermark all photos until they are purchased.

Moving forward I will be introducing In Person Viewings. This means a complimentary Viewing Session to come back to my studio and view your images – full screen and un-watermarked. This way you can really appreciate the quality of your images and get an idea of what they will look like in your home.

Canvases and Wall Art are very popular in the modern home, and I am happy to help you choose the perfect size for your space. I also offer traditional framed prints as well. Viewing your images full resolution makes your decision much easier.

For the time being, online galleries shall remain, but I have limited the time they stay open for to 48 hours. If you need the gallery open for longer, it will be a £5 charge per further 24 hours. The reason for this is I have to pay for the space used, so when galleries are staying open for weeks while Clients struggle to decide, I am charged. I think this is a very fair way to resolve the issue, and one most of my fellow Photographers adopt already.

Stay tuned for when In Person Viewings commence later in the year. I am sure it will be a very positive change to Carly Seaman Photography.

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