Overhauled Investment Page


I have changed the Investment page to hopefully illustrate my prices to you in a clearer way. I am so excited to offer my new range of products to you. I have carefully selected a quality supplier to deliver my work for you to display proudly in your homes.

I have made a few other minor changes to my website – my Little Sitters session is now called Look At Me Sit. I preferred this name as it is cuter 🙂 We all like ‘cuter’, don’t we!

I have been super busy with my recent model call for Sitters, and have been very busy editing all your beautiful photos. Thank you all for your patience with the extra wait, but I like to include as many gorgeous photos as I can for your selection.

I have had some messages asking if I am going to be doing Mother’s Day Mini Sessions, and I am afraid I am not going to this year for personal reasons. Perhaps in the future.
However I am always happy to offer a themed session within a full session, so please message me to ask. I have some gorgeous Spring outfits and bonnets, so will be doing some type of Mini Session soon.

That’s all for now xx

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