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Ipswich Suffolk Photographer now offering Family Photo Sessions

Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 002

My model call gave me some lovely photos to use in my marketing for my new Family Photo Sessions. Book your session today to get some lovely memories of your family, and make the most of the Summer (though saying that, I’m not sure where the Summer has gone just lately!)

I aim to capture your family in a very relaxed, documentary style way. So not a lot of posing instruction, just natural positions and interactions. Depending on the size of your family, some guidance is necessary, but I keep it light hearted for the little ones as they can find it hard to understand otherwise!

Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 002

I am a strong believer that every family should have their own beautiful professional family photos adorning their walls, so they can smile every time they see them and bring back the lovely memories of that time.

My Family Photo Shoots will take place in and around Ipswich. Making the most of our big selection of gorgeous parks, nature reserves and woodland. We are blessed in Suffolk to have such a lot of places to choose from! Imagine your family photographed in bluebells in the spring or poppies in the summer. They always make such gorgeous family portraits.

I will be offering Studio family sessions too once my new Studio is completed. You can book now for September onwards.

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Stand In Baby Newborn Training Aid Ipswich Newborn Safety Suffolk Newborn Photographer

Stand in Baby

I had a special delivery today! The stork brought me a Stand in Baby! Stand in Baby, or SIB, was created in Australia by a couple of newborn photographers who wanted to offer a fully articulated training aid to help other newborn photographers practise posing and lighting techniques to ensure Newborn Safety.

Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 001 Stand in Baby case Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 002 Stand in Baby Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 003 Stand in Baby and Me Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 004

SIB is just amazing, she moves like a real baby. She is weighted to around 7lb, the weight of an average newborn, and you have to support her head and body as you would a newborn baby.

I handled a couple of SIB’s in my training workshop, and after a lot of careful thought, I felt she would be a worthy investment to my business. How better to try out new poses and lighting? I don’t need to ‘practise’ on real babies as my practise is with SIB. She is going to help me out loads.

You may get to see her during your session if I feel she is needed. She is handy with sibling shots, preparing before your real baby is placed in brother or sister’s arms. She will also be modelling my new props soon.

She does need a name though! I have asked over on my Facebook page for some help with naming her, so pop along and leave any suggestions you have.

In the meantime I need to keep her well out of Lucia’s way, as when she first saw her she shouted “baby!” and thought she was an early birthday present!

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Ipswich Photographer Carly Seaman Gains Newborn Safety Training Certificate

Newborn Training Certificate Carly Seaman Photography

As part of my training I had to submit multiple edited images from the day, as well as answer some questions on Newborn safety and posing. Happily, I passed, and I am now very proud to show off my certificate! It will be on display in my studio for you to have a gander at your session 🙂

Newborn Training Certificate Carly Seaman Photography

I take Newborn safety very seriously, and have further training sessions planned for 2018 with other trainers.

Did someone mention the ‘C’ word??!!

I am so excited about these! Christmas Mini Sessions coming soon, please stay tuned to my blog and Facebook so you can be notified as soon as they are available to book.

Fairy at the bottom of the garden!

My little lady is 9 months old today… How better to celebrate than to turn her into a fairy?


I might offer these sessions in the future, let me know what you think.

A Cornish Visit

Apologies for the tardy update again. I know you realise I have a lot going on aside from my photography, so hopefully I won’t get a slapped wrist!

I kept meaning to post about my lovely family holiday in Cornwall last month. Such a beautiful place with many more spots yet to discover. We will definitely be returning at some point!

We of course, ate plenty of Cornish ice cream!


Chuffed to receive some beautiful prints in the post this morning. I think I have found my new Photo Lab 🙂

A Change to Galleries

I have grabbed some time today to change over the software I use for my Client Galleries. The new software means it gives you a much nicer viewing experience and also means you can order prints directly through the gallery!

For my previous clients, your original password should still work. I have been testing them today. Please let me know if you have any problems though.

Next I need to work on a proper portfolio section, but I’ve run out of time for today.


Sadly my Mum died suddenly earlier this month, so I have cancelled the rest of my model calls for this month and am in the midst of grief.

I am editing the two sessions I did complete as and when I can, and will be uploading one shortly.

I will be rescheduling the model calls missed for next month sometime when I feel up to it. Work is a distraction but only for a short while.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding at this difficult time.

Model Search Finished

Thank you all for the overwhelming responses to my Model Search for July 🙂 I have now booked in as many people as I can, so I’m afraid I will not be accepting any more offers.

I can’t wait to meet you all and create some lovely photos for you 🙂