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Why should I hire a professional photographer for my family photos in Ipswich Suffolk?

Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 013

Please ask yourself a few questions before I begin: When was the last time you got family photos taken? Have you ever had professional photos taken before? Are you sitting on the fence about whether it’s worth it, or whether your iPhone will do?  Let me give you some more information and see if it helps your decision in whether to invest in professional portraiture. If nothing else, it may give you more of an insight into what we do.


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Family photos – we all love them, but who is most likely to take them? Mums, I bet it is you! How many cute snaps have you got of your kids with daddy, or running about on their own? I’m sure you have loads, and they are all wonderful memories. 

I should imagine you have a lot of selfies too. But isn’t it frustrating how that camera isn’t as good as the main one, and you end up with blocky images, really lacking in quality? Still cute photos though, of course.

When did you last sit down as a family and look through your phone at your photos? Are you happy to have your photos sitting on your phone, or would you like to see them more often? Beautifully presented around your house, making you smile each time you pass them?


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Hiring a professional photographer is so much more than just paying them for an hour to snap away to get a few images. You are paying for the photographer’s time and experience, which is what gives you high quality, correctly exposed and professionally edited images. The time they spend on your images continues long after the session is over. They will spend hours afterwards making sure your images are perfect. These images will be sharp, they will print big, and you can use them for albums and wall art to decorate your home.

Your photographer will use their experience to make the most of the natural light available in your outdoors session, and the best way to position all the members of your family. You will probably realise yourself how difficult it can be to get all family members looking towards the camera at the same time! It can be quite tricky when it comes to young children, but a professional photographer will have the experience to get the best results for you.


Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 012


The most important thing that professional photographers will capture is your whole family – none of you are missing ‘behind the camera/phone’. Interactions, reactions, playing, laughing. Mums – YOU ARE IN THE PHOTOS! Dress up a bit or come natural, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are in the photos for your kids to look back on.

We live in a digital age, everyone wants digital files to put on social media and the freedom to print them when and how they want. However, to really appreciate your images you should print them. And they must be printed by a professional photo lab. High street printers are often not calibrated, and the effort we photographers spend in getting the colours just right are lost when they are printed poorly.

I offer professional prints which are GUARANTEED to be the correct colour and quality that your images deserve. Along with prints you can purchase a stunning canvas of your whole family to hang above your fireplace or in your hallway. Each time you see it you will be reminded of that lovely day and your kids will absolutely love to have it to treasure in the future.


Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 011


Has this post helped? I hope I have gone some way in persuading you to put down your camera phone and come out from the shadows and get in the photos yourself! You are part of your own beautiful family, big or small, and you deserve quality preserved memories.

Book your Family Portrait Session now, or get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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Ipswich Suffolk Photographer now offering Family Photo Sessions

Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 002

My model call gave me some lovely photos to use in my marketing for my new Family Photo Sessions. Book your session today to get some lovely memories of your family, and make the most of the Summer (though saying that, I’m not sure where the Summer has gone just lately!)

I aim to capture your family in a very relaxed, documentary style way. So not a lot of posing instruction, just natural positions and interactions. Depending on the size of your family, some guidance is necessary, but I keep it light hearted for the little ones as they can find it hard to understand otherwise!

Family Photo Shoot Ipswich Suffolk 002

I am a strong believer that every family should have their own beautiful professional family photos adorning their walls, so they can smile every time they see them and bring back the lovely memories of that time.

My Family Photo Shoots will take place in and around Ipswich. Making the most of our big selection of gorgeous parks, nature reserves and woodland. We are blessed in Suffolk to have such a lot of places to choose from! Imagine your family photographed in bluebells in the spring or poppies in the summer. They always make such gorgeous family portraits.

I will be offering Studio family sessions too once my new Studio is completed. You can book now for September onwards.

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Golden Hour Location Shoot Model Call for July 2017 Ipswich Suffolk Photos

Wow, the weather has been so hot lately, it has been truly glorious outside. I have really been enjoying getting out and about with my camera on the dog walk, photographing him and my little lady.

Golden hour Family Photos Ipswich Suffolk Dog Daughter Baby Child Photo Shoot 001

Nature is a perfect backdrop, offers diverse colours and textures and is forever changing. The light is unpredictable, which throws up challenges, but makes photographing during random times of day interesting. When the sun is high in the sky it throws dark shadows on your subject, and blows out areas of definition, causing photos to be overexposed. There are ways around this, but my hands are pretty full already with a buggy, 1 year old and very lively large dog!

Golden hour Family Photos Ipswich Suffolk Dog Daughter Baby Child Photo Shoot 002

All photographers I know the ‘golden hour’ (a time frame shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky) is an ideal time to take photos. However I am not a morning person, and my children’s bedtime is 7.30pm! So this presents some difficulty in actually shooting during this time. I am very determined to get some evening shots with my kids, but this could prove to be a complete failure as my 1 year old may be tired and grumpy! Saying that, with the heat, she has been staying up later anyway so it may work out!

It was while I was viewing the results of my little session with my daughter in the poppies (I keep her ‘sessions’ brief as she is at a difficult age to photograph (18 months today!) and doesn’t want to stay still long, that I thought I’d really like to do some family location shoots. So thought I’d put out a model call and do just that for golden hour family photos!

Golden hour Family Photos Ipswich Suffolk Dog Daughter Baby Child Photo Shoot 003

I need some images to promote my new golden hour family photo sessions so a model call is a great way to get some! Models get a free shoot and some free images, with the opportunity to purchase more.

Want to enter?

Entries are still being accepted until the end of next week, so get your skates on over to my Model Call page and apply if you are interested.

Golden hour Family Photos Ipswich Suffolk Dog Daughter Baby Child Photo Shoot Model Call 004

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Stand In Baby Newborn Training Aid Ipswich Newborn Safety Suffolk Newborn Photographer

Stand in Baby

I had a special delivery today! The stork brought me a Stand in Baby! Stand in Baby, or SIB, was created in Australia by a couple of newborn photographers who wanted to offer a fully articulated training aid to help other newborn photographers practise posing and lighting techniques to ensure Newborn Safety.

Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 001 Stand in Baby case Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 002 Stand in Baby Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 003 Stand in Baby and Me Stand in Baby delivery box Ipswich Photographer Newborn Safety Aid Ipswich Newborn Photographer Suffolk 004

SIB is just amazing, she moves like a real baby. She is weighted to around 7lb, the weight of an average newborn, and you have to support her head and body as you would a newborn baby.

I handled a couple of SIB’s in my training workshop, and after a lot of careful thought, I felt she would be a worthy investment to my business. How better to try out new poses and lighting? I don’t need to ‘practise’ on real babies as my practise is with SIB. She is going to help me out loads.

You may get to see her during your session if I feel she is needed. She is handy with sibling shots, preparing before your real baby is placed in brother or sister’s arms. She will also be modelling my new props soon.

She does need a name though! I have asked over on my Facebook page for some help with naming her, so pop along and leave any suggestions you have.

In the meantime I need to keep her well out of Lucia’s way, as when she first saw her she shouted “baby!” and thought she was an early birthday present!

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Ipswich Photographer Carly Seaman Gains Newborn Safety Training Certificate

Newborn Training Certificate Carly Seaman Photography

As part of my training I had to submit multiple edited images from the day, as well as answer some questions on Newborn safety and posing. Happily, I passed, and I am now very proud to show off my certificate! It will be on display in my studio for you to have a gander at your session 🙂

Newborn Training Certificate Carly Seaman Photography

I take Newborn safety very seriously, and have further training sessions planned for 2018 with other trainers.