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The Suffolk Baby and Toddler Show 2017 Newborn Photographer Exhibition Ipswich

Carly Seaman Photography Suffolk Baby Toddler Show Ipswich Suffolk

I had the great pleasure of exhibiting at The Suffolk Baby and Toddler show on the 15th October.

It was my first time at the show exhibiting, but I had an idea of what to expect as I had visited the show myself when my little girl was a few months old. Usually it is held at Trinity Park, the Suffolk Showground, but this year it was at the Ipswich Cameo Hotel. It was handy as I knew exactly where it was having been there earlier this year!

Carly Seaman Photography Suffolk Baby Toddler Show Ipswich Suffolk

After setting my stall up, I had a chat with a few of my fellow business women. The lady next to me made keepsakes out of silver, and the lady behind me was selling really cute hair bows (I bought a few for my daughter!). I also spotted Katie from Jo Jingles, and Lisa, who I used to work with who now runs Moo Music. It was great to see some familiar faces and have a natter while we waited for the doors to open.

The first guests came in at 10am and collected their goody bags. I was lucky being right at the front so had a lot of people stopping. There was a lot of oohs and ahhs at my prints and people were amazed at the quality of the products I offer.

The show was fab, it gave me the chance to meet future clients face to face and get to know their requirements. I ended up with some fab bookings that I am really looking forward to and left full of excitement for the future of my little business.

I will be attending again next year, so if you didn’t have the chance to come over this year then I would be very pleased to have a chat with you next time round!

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Newborn Composite Images for Newborn Sessions Carly Seaman Photography Ipswich

Big news! I am going to be delivering at least one composite image (an image created using two or more separate images) similar to the ones below in your Newborn gallery.

I will decide the theme unless you have any special requests, so let me know if you have a specific idea in mind. Composites are great as they expand the possibility of themes and backgrounds.

Composite images mean baby is kept safe at all times, and not balanced precariously on unsuitable props. We can place baby on a guitar, horse saddle, in a summer field when it’s really winter, etc etc. There are unlimited possibilities.

Safety first!

Please DO NOT attempt any of these poses at home. As with any newborn photography, it should only be undertaken by a fully trained professional who has been trained and knows what they are doing.

Composite Safety Aware Newborn Baby Posing Ipswich Suffolk Photographer 001

Composite Safety Aware Newborn Baby Posing Ipswich Suffolk Photographer 002

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Ipswich Photographer Carly Seaman Gains Newborn Safety Training Certificate

Newborn Training Certificate Carly Seaman Photography

As part of my training I had to submit multiple edited images from the day, as well as answer some questions on Newborn safety and posing. Happily, I passed, and I am now very proud to show off my certificate! It will be on display in my studio for you to have a gander at your session 🙂

Newborn Training Certificate Carly Seaman Photography

I take Newborn safety very seriously, and have further training sessions planned for 2018 with other trainers.

Fairy at the bottom of the garden!

My little lady is 9 months old today… How better to celebrate than to turn her into a fairy?


I might offer these sessions in the future, let me know what you think.

A Cornish Visit

Apologies for the tardy update again. I know you realise I have a lot going on aside from my photography, so hopefully I won’t get a slapped wrist!

I kept meaning to post about my lovely family holiday in Cornwall last month. Such a beautiful place with many more spots yet to discover. We will definitely be returning at some point!

We of course, ate plenty of Cornish ice cream!


Chuffed to receive some beautiful prints in the post this morning. I think I have found my new Photo Lab 🙂

Woo – it’s a Brand New Website

I have made some changes to the website to make it look a bit more user friendly and interactive.

Hope you all like it!

A Change to Galleries

I have grabbed some time today to change over the software I use for my Client Galleries. The new software means it gives you a much nicer viewing experience and also means you can order prints directly through the gallery!

For my previous clients, your original password should still work. I have been testing them today. Please let me know if you have any problems though.

Next I need to work on a proper portfolio section, but I’ve run out of time for today.

An Overdue Update

Wow, so I haven’t updated this blog in nearly a month, which is quite shameful. However, I have a good excuse as it is my son’s school summer holidays so I have been busy occupying him and my 7 month old daughter.

I did manage to squeeze a session in with little Emily, and her photos have been uploaded and her parent’s have made their order.

On this basis, I am looking into implementing an easier way to order, and pay, for images. Plus the capability to instantly download digital files (I know how much you love to share photos on Facebook!). So I will hopefully get this sorted soon.

I am going on holiday soon, so will need to finish the remainder of the July Model Calls in September I think. I do appreciate everyone’s patience. Hopefully everyone can empathise with the grief of losing a parent plus the sorting of their affairs, when you are a parent yourself. It isn’t an easy task.



Sadly my Mum died suddenly earlier this month, so I have cancelled the rest of my model calls for this month and am in the midst of grief.

I am editing the two sessions I did complete as and when I can, and will be uploading one shortly.

I will be rescheduling the model calls missed for next month sometime when I feel up to it. Work is a distraction but only for a short while.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding at this difficult time.